Members Only Blog 20 Preview: Science Backs Sequential Training

For the 20th Members Only Blog I wanted to touch on the research that led to my instruction style.   I remember being a “twenty-something” year old Division I college coach and focusing a majority of my teaching on the hands.  This is what I was taught, and why I taught it.  I think the majority of coaches and instructors in the private-circuit fall into this category too.

The 3D analysis allowed me to get scientific proof that the end of your swing (contact) is directly related to the efficiency of its start.  The swing sequence, starting from the lower body, feeds the rest of the segments of the swing to produce the hitter’s bat speed.  Any inefficiency up the chain, will then, result in a loss of bat speed.

What does this mean for your teaching?  Start from the ground, and get each segment correct before moving on to the next piece.  Check the video out and you’ll see for yourself!


Member’s Only Blog – 3D Analysis Proves Sequenced Teaching from Elite Baseball on Vimeo.