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Your Assessment

Your Assessment

An in depth 20+ move functional strength assessment to help us tailor a plan just for you. We can't help, if we don't know how you move.


Personal Workouts

Personal Workouts

Based on your individual assessment, a 12 week plan is put together to help enhance what you do well, while strengthening where you are deficient


Sequential Hitting Plan

Sequential Hitting Plan

A 12-week step by step hitting progression with over 100 drills and progressions to maximize your efficiency as a hitter put on by Chicago Cubs Director of Hitting Justin Stone.


Movement Prep Program

Movement Prep Program

Our Movement Prep program has athletes control rotational forces through activities like kicking, throwing and hitting, all crucial elements in becoming an effective and efficient athlete.

Hitting Drill Filter

Struggling at the plate, but not sure why? The Hitting Drill filter not only helps identify any potential flaws in your swing but tells you what drills and what to work on to fix them.



A 12-week in-depth break down of the pitching grips, mechanics, delivery and approach led by EliteBaseball.TV's Travis Kerber.


Position Specific Training

Catcher? Infielder? Outfielder? Don't worry, we didn't forget about you. An extensive look at drills and player development at each defensive spot on the diamond to help you be a complete player.


Weekly Member Blogs

Weekly blogs from EliteBaseball.TV staff answering specific questions from members or letting you know what new stuff we are working on



Not sure where to go on cuts, relays or bunt coverages? Could you use help with your double play feeds or footwork around the bag. No worries, we got that covered with videos and diagrams for each.


The Mental Side

The mental game is just as important as the physical game. Players need to be able to focus and keep their cool under pressure. A player’s mindset can be the difference between winning and losing.

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“I thought you should know, I showed Jake the video analysis. He has worked hard on it (200 swings a night) and his bat head speed has increase a incredible amount. He hit is first high school varsity home run today over the 360 mark in right center today, not bad for a sophomore. I can't thank you enough”.

-Ron Dockery