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Elite Baseball TV

Elite Baseball’s Story

Welcome to the new age of baseball instruction!  Baseball is a traditional sport.  For years, baseball fundamentals were passed down without dispute from “experts” in the game to the youth level.  Now in the digital age, we found that what was previously taken as fact was, in many cases, largely in error.  Elite Baseball Training has embraced, and pushed ahead in, the necessary merger between technology and baseball.

At the beginning of my coaching career, computers and digital video were just starting to be used in baseball.  This trend has continued and been critical in the progression of baseball instruction and the development of my coaching career.  Through the use of computers, high-speed cameras and now digital 3D models, the ability to teach the game has progressed more in the last 10 years than it did in the first 100 years.  Throughout my coaching career, I have studied and utilized various technologies, in particular digital motion analysis (DMA) and have developed an expertise in this area.  Over the years, I have helped professional players refine their game through the use of DMA, and regularly confer with and test the latest products for motion capture software companies.

When I started only about 33% of major league teams utilized high-speed DMA and related technology, and the number was even lower for minor league organizations.  Recent trends have seen that number consistently climb higher as organizations are seeing the benefits of the information revealed through technology.  What this means is that we have been providing advanced instructional aides, that have just recently become common place for multi- million dollar players, as the standard method of instruction for all of our clients – from the little league players to college and professional athletes.  Given the growing trend in merging baseball and technology, we believe this approach gives our clients an advantage on the field and prepares them for the long-term future success in the game of baseball.

My career in coaching began as a Division 1 assistant coach at Indiana State University.   I moved to Chicago and began my career as a private baseball instructor at a training academy affiliated with the Chicago White Sox.  The next chapter of my career with Elite Baseball Training will focus on leveraging years of baseball experience and DMA expertise in order to provide highly progressive instruction to players of all ages and experience levels and teaching baseball fundamentals in a new, logical way.

At Elite Baseball Training, we are pushing the envelope on the next age of baseball instruction.  Our instructors use technology to teach baseball in the most efficient way possible, and although many of our instructors played professionally and collegiately, we do not rely on the information that was passed down and considered true for decades.  We believe we are the frontrunners in this area.  In fact, other instructors, coaches and players nationwide seek us out as a source of knowledge for a better way of teaching.  Why?  Because we never stop learning ourselves, and with our sophisticated resources, we believe that we have better opportunities to learn than others do.

Elite Baseball Training is also home to one of the nation’s most talented travel team programs.  Our Elite teams travel across the country seeking the highest level of competition. Elite players have been recruited to schools all over the country and the work we do as an organization makes recruiting our players easy.  We have seen nearly half of our Elite players commit to Division I schools before their junior season; this is unprecedented for a northern program.  We also, house Premier level teams that compete in events across the Midwest.  All of our teams, Elite and Premier, receive the same advanced training and skill development and are coached by some of the best in the game.

Baseball instruction is our business, and it is a business we take very seriously.  However, we are also in the business of helping elite players fulfill their dreams.  At the youth level, we are growing self-esteem, passing on a passion for baseball, and helping parents connect with their kids through the great medium of sports.  At the end of the day, we love what we do, and seeing kids enjoy the game and advanced players push themselves to continue to achieve their goals, drives our commitment to the sport and providing quality, progressive instruction.

See you on the field!

Justin Stone and the Elite Baseball Training Team