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Elite Baseball TV
The most comprehensive digital teaching aid available online!
A Great Resource for Little League and High School Coaches, Players and their Parents
  • High Quality Lessons
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  • Updated Members Content
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Sequential Hitting

  • 10 Videos and over 4.5 hours of content help illustrate Sequential Mechanics
  • Easy to follow progressive teaching with nearly 100 drills
  • Detailed weekly practice plans to print out and follow

Sequential Pitching

  • Documented average of 6mph velocity spike by learning Sequential Mechanics
  • 12 videos and over 5 hours of content loaded with drills that will improve any "style" helping you stay healthy and on the mound
  • Video analysis checkpoints to help check your progress

Position Training

  • Learn technique and timing like big league infielders
  • See our new Catching series covering all aspects of the position
  • NEW Outfield series with over 30 drills for indoor and outdoor practices
  • New indoor infield drills to be added soon!

Members Only Blog

  • "Thoughts From the Cage and Mound" - an up to date look at what new techniques we are using in our teaching
  • Common misconceptions - Video blogs that disprove out-dated, traditional teaching
  • NEW Go-Pro Series - See instruction from "our" eyes through Go Pro examples of our lessons and classes


  • Live field overview with voiceover instruction and illustrations of team defense situations
  • Covers all cuts and relays, bunt coverages and 1st and 3rd situations
  • PDF illustrations for you to print and use in team meetings or practices

Kids Korner

  • Our sequential training tailored specifically to 6 to 9 year olds
  • Progressive instruction and drills that focus on common errors in younger athletes
  • Taught in an easy to follow, six week format